Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back in Grenada Preparing for the Trip West

There are a number of ways to sail from Carriacou to Grenada. Both other times we took the route far off the small islands between them. Once to the east and last fall to the west. This time we navigated between them and the steep rocks that line the passage. Sections of this route looked so narrow and scary before but once we were
close, the passages were very reasonablely spaced. This is a beautiful spot and under full sail, a special experience.
I love coming back to Grenada. We have gotten to know it better than most places:this is our fourth visit. This little girl illustrates how beautiful the people are - chosing a carnival queen is a tough job! Their English heritage is also on display; here in their public phones!

Our weather guru had predicted some stiff winds coming up so we decided to anchor in the very protected but small harbor in St. George's. Happily once our anchor was down we found our old friends on "LoriGray II" there. Lorraine and Graham are South Africans and friends with our English cruiser buddies.
We met them in Annapolis and had a great time visiting with them over the next couple of days. Graham was also a great help to Scott with some repairs on the coupler on the propeller shaft. We also ran into other old friends, who were also heading to the Testigos. They were on a fast track west as had plans to transit the Panama Canal in a month.
We three boats anchored just outside the channel from the harbor for a few hours and then after dinner, raised the anchor and sailed in the pitch black out to sea. This was an easy passage with very few other boats spied (this is a real plus as avoiding other boats is the most stressful part of the night passages). We sailed the whole way and made fast time with a positive current. By dawn we could see the island group ahead.

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