Monday, January 28, 2019

Belizean Montage

Sunset in New Haven with Czech & Mate, Emreald Seas
and Ten Year's After with the full moon already in the sky.

Everyone but myself went into shore to cut down and open
up coconuts. I had already had a few bites from the "no
see ums" at anchor so didn't want them to feast on me even
 We had a fairly easy trip out of the Rio Dulce. Hector took our halyard and tipped us over enough after we got stuck. It was only about 100 yards before we were free again. Then we all motored over to Tres Puntas for a quiet night anchored. Next day we were able to sail part of the way up to New Haven (the rest had to be motored). A "Norther" was coming in on Sunday so this was a good protected spot to weather it out. One night everyone came over for Mexican Train Dominos and drinks.
Then on Monday we sailed up to Placencia and checked into Belize the next morning. The next few days we were plagued by winds from the south during the day that sent rollers into our harbor and had all the boats rocking and rolling. We were glad to head north up to Sapadillo Lagoon for a few days with the four boats already mentioned, Indian Summer and Cordelia. This is a very protected anchorage with a beautiful Marina and Beach Bar. The development here, called Sanctuary, has been through some tough times and there are only about 35 houses built (there are 700 owners suing the developer, who is under investigation from the FTC at present). They love the cruisers that bring some life (and money) into the place. There is a great laundromat, convenience store and fuel dock.
Fourteen boats spent a few days with us anchored outside the Marina and we enjoyed the Beach Bar and facilities.
After last night's Norther went through, we're off towards the reef for some snorkeling and swimming. Now anchored in Blue Ground Range.
Fearsome Scott brandishes his machete. 

Scott, Renate, Deborah, Pat and Jerry

It wasn't easy opening up the coconuts! But
they managed and we enjoyed the meat.

Jim's photo of Scott Free at our second sunset

Dick & Lizzie from Indian Summer enjoy some rum
punches at the Beach Bar at the Marina in Sapadillo

Twelve of us, all from Tortugal Marina, have lunch 

The beautiful pool at the Beach Bar

We got ferried over to the Beach Bar from the Marina. That's
Jerry from Czech & Mate in the front

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Christine said...

Well your winter has certainly been full of excitement. So glad you weren’t hurt badly in your accident. It must have been a huge shock. Your weather sounds awesome. The temps. been an up and down here, but have finally settled into cold and we are getting some snow every few days so it is bright and lovely and the skiing is good.