Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

We sailed up to Isla Mujeres from El Cid Marina in Puerto Morales, Mexico on 3/21. It was a nice sail and the seas were very comfortable. As we approached the harbor we called on the VHF and talked to Thomas on Toriba. He informed us that we were to pull into the slip just inside them on the dock. Cheepo, the Manager at Marina Paraiso said there was enough water there but we were dubious. As we approached the turn into the slip, we were on the bottom. Cheepo yelled; "Keep going!" And in a swirl of mud we managed to do so. So we're nestled into the soft bottom here and just hope we can make it out again.
This is our third time at Marina Paraiso, before in 2012 and 2013. The island is a fun place to spend time. Broad comfortable sidewalks everywhere invite long walks and the restaurants are so good and reasonably priced that we eat out constantly. Having Uli & Thomas next door again is wonderful. And then Larry & Christine arrived for a week before we fly to Cuba on 4/7 and the 6 of us are hanging out together until then. It will be difficult to say good-bye to Uli and Thomas on Friday after 4 years cruising together out of the Rio Dulce (and our visit to them in Germany). They are heading up to Florida to cruise there and in the Bahamas over the next few years. And we will sail back to the Rio Dulce. But our paths will cross again for sure - the sooner the better!
Dinner out in Puerto Morales with Thomas, Uli, Rachel, John and his crew.
That's Ari, Rachel's boyfriend front right.
Heather, John, Trish and Marc from "Cockpit"
Scott, Rey from "Cockpit", Clara, Heather, John, Trish and
Steve from "Kuyima" on board Scott Free for one of our last
evenings at El Cid Marina
Selfies with Thoma and Uli, out on the town

And the beach.

Clara and John from C'est Si Bon pose before we left El Cid

Christine with a beautiful Marguerita at The
Joint for lunch

Scott with a strawberry version. Notice the beautiful hand
blown glasses.

View of the harbor side of Isla from the road

It's been very windy here for over a week and as a result
the seas have been rough.
Out for dinner at La Lomita in Isla Mujeres with Uli &
Thomas and Christine & Larry
Heather, Scott and Larry at The Joint for lunch
Christine and Larry on Toriba
With ourselves and hosts Uli & Thomas
Christine having a tour below with Uli

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