Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Visitamos nos Nietos en Costa Rica

The night we arrived was Shira's birthday. Cookie and Maya
made this wonderful cake.
We flew to Costa Rica on 12/20 for a week with our oldest son Josh's family. They have been living in Costa Rica for the past year and the kids have been attending a Spanish speaking school. This is their third language as they were bilingual in English and Hebrew before.
We rented a condo at Reserva Conchal on the Pacific Coast just north of Tamarindo. It is a beautiful gated complex with many condo developments (and a Westin Hotel) sharing a Beach Club.
After one night at their home in San Jose, we drove down to Conchal for six nights. We pretty much hung out at the beach and pool there although we did go into Tamarindo and enjoyed Playa Grande one afternoon (big waves!).
After one more night with them in San Jose, we flew to Guatemala to rejoin Scott Free. The next day Michal and the kids moved out of their condo in San Jose and flew back to Tulsa. They are all moving to Dallas, Texas on January 3.
Which we devoured! It was so good.

The Harry Potter "adult" coloring book we gave Maya was so
much fun that I joined her and Cookie working on it.

This and the next shot were taken from our "living room"
balconey. What a view.

The beach at Tamarindo. 

Daniel jumps over a small stream.

Shira enjoyed some ice cream.

As did Maya and Cookie.

My oldest grandson Daniel - now 14!

Michal and Shira
These beautiful birds made the railing of our balcony
their home whenever we ate out there hoping for handouts
We're a board game family. Generally Daniel wins - here at
Lighting the Hanukah candles
One morning Maya and Shira joined us for an early breakfast
at the Beach Club,
A view of the pools
the jacuzzi at our condo was a popular
place after returning from the beach!
Here Jonathan "Uzi" gets to enjoy it by
himself (for a change).
Our last night in San Jose was Daniel's birthday!
Cinco Nietos!
Our last night Hanukah candle lighting
Happy Hanukah!

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