Friday, January 29, 2016

Hiking trails above the Rio Dulce

Part of our crew boards the Tortugal Marina Launcha
A few others took their own dinghies
While we wait for our new fiberglass non skid deck to be completed, we have time for a few adventures. We joined a group of other Tortugal cruisers for a hike up above the Rio Dulce from Hacienda Tijax Resort ( The owner built this lovely trail which ends high up at the Shamen Tower through his hundreds of acres property. Our guide, Lucy, taught us about the rain forest environment and the rubber making process.
Clutching our walking sticks everyone lines up with
our guide Lucy Carlos
 on the left

Jim from "Emerald Seas" leads up the trail

Scott and I on the first of several long swinging
bridges over chasms

We walked through an old rain forest and
a secondary growth area

The trail is well maintained. It was built 13 years ago by
the owner of the Tijax Resort

A dam in the river has created a lovely pool for cooling off
mid way.

In the rubber plantation our guide described
the process for getting the rubber

The liquid rubber oozes out into metal buckets,
the pink color comes from antibiotics painted
onto the cut in the tree to protect it.

The plantation was really beautiful as you can see here

Our group poses at the Shamen Tower (not an old ruin but built to
take in the fabulous view).

Inside we hear about the construction

Heather's shadow strikes a pose 

Looking from the top of the tower over to the yachting area

While to the left you can see the bridge which spans the Rio Dulce near our Marina (not seen but just up the river around
the bend on the right.

Left to right: Renate & Jim "Emerald Seas", Coleen "Unplugged", Lizzie "Indian Summer", Deborah "Czech N' Mate", Rick & Marsha "She Wolf", Scott & I, Kim & Mike, Valerie "Zula" and Sally & Breck "Capraia"

and I strike the obligatory pose

While the sun goes down behind the distant hills

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