Sunday, November 03, 2013

Solving The Corn Maze and other fun stuff

The parking attendant welcomed us
 We had a hugely fun time visiting a local ranch/farm that puts on a corn maze every year (The Tulsa Corn Maize - Well at least the years where there is enough rain to grow corn. They had canceled the event the previous 2 years and the corn wasn't even close to "an elephant's eye" our year, but there was lots of other things to do - all very low tech. First up was the rubber ducky race - the pictures tell the story here. Then ages having fun in the corn box. Who knew you could have so much fun with dried corn kernels! And you come out pretty clean.
Next were the hay jumps. You jumped into one hay covered mattress hole and it was like a trampoline. Daniel was able to jump in and bounce right back onto the lip - very athletic. The other was a series of haystacks and you jumped from one to the other (there was hay in between). Later we went on a "cow" ride and then a hay ride. The later was the most fun. We had a guide that gave us the spooky tour through the fields with ranch hands caught up in the hay baler, a graveyard and a big spider. The corn maze was fun too and took us a while despite being able to see over the corn. Cookie was the first one to make it through.
This is the office/snack bar

First off, the rubber ducky race!

Daniel manned both trenches

Shira did some cheer leading for the girls

While Uzi munched on some popped corn

This is MUCH better than being buried in the sand

Daniel was totally covered at one point!

The kids couldn't get enough of this

And got buried several times

Shira's all ready for the "Cow Ride"

Cookie starts out on her own

But then joins Grammy

A brief rest before tackling the hay jump

"Is she that heavy Daniel?"

Maya strikes a pose

And Shira wants a quick way down

Michal and Uzi head out into the corn

Now the hay ride through the fields

With spooky cowboys caught in the bales

And some that didn't make it...

There's a spider loose!

We visited the next door airport and watched them fly these
radio controlled planes - pretty awesome maneuvers!

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