Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Frenchboro, ME on "Jumbie"

From left; Scott, Tom (Kathy's), Heather, Brenda, John,
Kathy, Gigi and Tom (Gigi's)
Kathy & Tom on "Jumbie" invited ourselves and Gigi & Tom on "Sapphire" to sail out to Frenchboro, a small island not far from Swan's. We were lured there by the descriptions of football sized lobster rolls for lunch. Just the trip on "Jumbie" was a treat. She is a huge catamarin and has hosted parties of 60 - so there was room for us all. The foredeck as you can see provided the perfect spot to relax and let Kathy thread us through the "local narrow and dangerous" second entrance to Burnt Coat Harbor. From there she just had to dodge hundreds of lobster pots that threatened to catch on their two engine props - no easy task.
Frenchboro has a population of 61 people, 21 households and 16 families, half of which have children under 18. There is an elementary school on the island through grade 8. This is not a fancy resort or summer home community. The homes we saw were quintessential Maine, simple and white.
Walking paths wind all through the island. Tom and Gigi have been there many times and led us through the woods to the long stony beach and then along the shore in a large circle back to the town. As you can see the views were spectacular and the day, beautiful. Unfortunately the little lobster shack with the promised ultimate lobster rolls was closed, but the "larger" "Frenchboro Offshore Store" on the dock was open. And the 1/2 pound lobster roll was delicious - and expensive at $16. John and Scott got the better deal with the lobster dinner; lobster, corn, cole slaw and dessert for $10. Tom (Gigi's) insisted that everyone have the blueberry pie for dessert and treated us. It was excellent.
Another lovely trip back to Swan's Island and in time for the Sweet Chariot Boat concert cruise around the harbor. Our cheering and waving brought them back for a turn around our boat. Everyone joined in on the sea chanty. What a terrific day!
Scott and I on the bow of Jumbie with John mugging behind

Yet another lovely schooner

Tom and Gigi of "Sapphire"

A close encounter

The lobsters waiting for the pot and us!

The tiny town of Frenchboro

Lobster fishing is the major occupation

Tom's promised football lobster rolls didn't materialize

View of the harbor from the hill

The long beach covered with smooth rocks

The rocky shoreline and the trail just inside

Another schooner off in the distance between the branches

One lovely view after another on this trail

And as you can see, perfect weather

The men chat while waiting for us ladies to catch up

Distinct trail markings

Kathy at the helm with Tom looking on

We arrived just in time for another serenade by the
Sweet Chariot Music Festival's boat and crew

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Linda & Ed said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for keeping us up to date on your "doings". We always enjoy the read.