Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Safari Park and Disneyland

Shira and Scott

Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum

Nick and Daniel

Cheetahs need a BFF

Gorillas have nothing on Scott (with admirer Maya)

Scott and Michal take the Garren kids up, up and up

While Tommy gets a dragon
Nick and Zoe look on
Looks like I got really close on this one

And again on this one

Ariella prefers my hat (it looks better on her too)

Josh in a tender moment

We toured the open veld area by tram

Maya, Zoe, Daniel, Tommy, Ariella, Nick and in front hiding Jonathan with Shira munching away on top

This bird is taking care of it's hatched young

While Ariella tries for some of her own

Maya on the run

George is the passenger here for driver Tommy

Nick has his own car

Nick and Daniel prepare for our submarine trip
Daniel, Nick and Ariella prepare to shake the bridge
What's a parade without a princess or two, or three...
Not sure what movie these guys came from
But Ariella is now in Toy Story
On the Jungle Tour
What's Disneyland without Micky
Maya on the endless street
The last afternoon I joined Michal with the younger set

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