Friday, May 24, 2013

Last minute fun in Antigua

Lovely squares are scattered over the city

Bakeries are everywhere, but mostly sweets
Church of San Francisco
It was a six hour bus ride from the Rio up to Guatemala City (it's supposed to be four and a half but that's never happened to us) and like last year the connecting bus to Antigua had already left. Happily they put ourselves and the French cruisers with us on a van right away. It was only an additional hour more and then a short taxi ride before we arrived at Chez Daniel, our wonderful bed and breakfast. This was our third visit here and we love the place - and Antigua itself.
We had 3 nights before flying on to Baltimore/Washington. There are such wonderful restaurants in this city that it's hard to choose. But we visited two old favorites; Pena del Sol and Hector's (in previous posts) as well as 3 new places, Fusion, Rainbow Cafe and Sabe Rico. You can read our reviews of all the places we visit on Trip Advisor - we're Senior Contributor's now.
There's only one more post coming before we return to the U.S. - our visit to Santa Maria de Jesus.
A sample bedroom using Guatemalan crafts

Seven foot puppets sport bright fabrics

These owls have found a nice perch

There's a tiny tienda on every block

And each one is the pride and joy of it's owner

Guatemalans love color!

The garden of the church above
A charming alleyway
Or arcaded walkways
Rare modern dress girl
My charming saleswoman sans belt
Chicken bus frontal view

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