Friday, May 11, 2012

That's a Gin and Tonic...

That's a gin and tonic! We have no idea why but the only
tonic water available is from Fanta and it's pink.

Every day is market day in Fronteras. Narrow alleys are
filled with tiny stores selling everything.

This woman is tying her toddler onto her back with her
scarf - just like kids anywhere, "Pick me up"

Walt and Honoree put their heads together over dinner at
Backpackers Restaurant

The bank under the bridge is filled with people swimming
and doing laundry

It looks like more fun than a laudramat but more work

Combat Hapkidu lessons in the morning

Wooden walkways link the various parts of
Tortugal Marina

Flowers grow everywhere. 

In every color but the lush green sets them off.

These look like lilacs but aren't

I'm embarrassed about taking people's pictures so often
 do it at a distance. She is wearing the traditional plaid
 skirt, lacy blouse and big scarf in which they carry

The main street in Fronteras

Is a colorful busy and yes, noisy place

 filled with fascinating merchandise

And yummy but fatty treats

But then healthy ripe fresh fruit and vegetables are
also available

This Mayan woman makes her way through the traffic
with a heavy load

I think this flower is part of the banana plant.

I bought a number of gifts for family from
this very nice vendor

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