Monday, February 20, 2012

He's BACK and We're Off to Mexico

We are leaving Marathon today for a four day, three night continuous passage to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We sail west towards Key West and then across the Gulf Stream to Cuba. We follow the Cuban coast around the west end and then across the Yucatan Channel (again cross the Gulf Stream) to Isla Mujeres. We should arrive Thursday. The weather looks good for the passage although it deteriorates after that. So wish us luck. I'll be in touch later in Mexico!
Our good friend Russ Wolf has joined us for the third
time for a two week passage. This time to Mexico.
We sail good-bye for the second time to our cruising
buddies, Peter and Julie. They have sold Anything Goes.
Just leaving our first anchorage at Rodriguez Key we
passed a Outward Bound boat being rowed . Quite a
contrast to the big yacht nearby.
Scott and Russ dove to remove some pieces of line from
a crab pot. They are thick around the Keys. 
Sunset anchored off Boot Key Harbor, Marathon

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