Sunday, January 01, 2012

Christmas in Vermont

James and Sean drove up from Washington on Friday the 23rd and stayed until New Year's day - ten wonderful days.

Our Bridge Group Christmas dinner was at our house on
the 20th of December;here are Barry, Paul, Dan and Ginny

We each brought a present and had a "Yankee Swap"
here; Chryl, Rhonda, Gerry, Jan and Linda

Barb, Doris, George, Dick, Donna and Barry

Some of the presents were very amusing. Al tries on some
"cool" sunglasses.

Joan tries on several of the great bridge
related gifts

Josh and Michal had a new daughter on December 20.

And she's a beauty!!!

Christmas morning before the rush for the presents

Sean tries on his new soccer shirt from Italy

And James his new sweater

Sean and James cook up a storm for Christmas dinner.

Leslie, Rob, Sean, James, Scott, Colin, Gail and Harvey pose with Sean's curried pumpkin soup starter.

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