Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oohs and Aahs on the Amalfi Drive

Looking back at Naples with Vesuvius smoking 

Capri from the tip of the Amalfi peninsu

A tired vendor sells dried peppers and fruit on the edge
of the road.

The road is an engineering marvel built into the straight
cliffs or sometimes off of them. It was originally built
by the Romans.

Honoree pauses to take a picture of one of
the beautiful courtyards through the fence.

We stopped for cappuchinos at this beautiful spot
at the beginning of our walk in Positano

Sometimes the path down the hill goes thru
a tunnel under the homes.

A narrow valley leads up crowded with
buildings, walkways and gardens.

Steep stairways are carved through the town everywhere.
There are few roads.

Shops, restaurants, boats line the beach and lots of people
strolling along

Many artists love painting these colorful
hillsides and towns.

Looking up one of the hillsides in Positano from the beach

Walt and Honoree pose as we leave after a fabulous lunch
at Chez Black in Positano

Shops line the streets and flowering vines grow overhead
lending shade during the summer heat.

The pottery here is wonderful and I could have bought
at ton, but out of my price range.

There are beautiful signs like this all over

The view as we ascend the road back up to our car. The
vine covered "meadow" below is a trellis over the car park.

As we climb the hill we look back at the Church and beach below

Another view down the coast from the center of Positano

Tiny shrines dot the cliffs, although that's a public phone
on the right (they still have them).

Looking back down the road, beautiful villas cling to the
hillsides below, built into stone terraces.

You can see a few of these villas in what
looks like impossible places.

The gorgeous Cathedral in Amalfi - once a thriving naval
empire that rivaled Venice, with 80,000 inhabitants. Most of
the town slid into the sea during a storm and earthquake
in 1343 so it's much smaller today with 5,000 residents.

You can see the "Arab-Norman" style
illustrated here.

This ornate crypt holds the head of St. Andrew, recovered
from the sack of Constantinople in 1204. 

Only one of the beautiful chapels inside the Cathedral and
decorated with thousands of pink and white roses.

We ate SO much gelato, couldn't resist it, could you?

This fairy tale kingdom was constructed in a small fountain
and was captivating.

In this fountain, in the Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi, the
 nymph in the center is lactating very freely

We lingered on the waterfront until the sun went behind the
mountains, hating to leave this beautiful place.

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