Thursday, August 04, 2011

Building a Lean-To - Week One

Last year we decided to build a lean-to on the other side of our stream. We love hiking and have stayed many times on the Appalachian and Long Trails in similar buildings. So why not build our own? Last winter we had a number of large hemlock and pine trees cut down and Podge Sirjane, our neighbor and friend, helped us with the design. He then cut the trees into the appropriate size pieces of lumber with his portable saw mill and delivered them.
Our youngest son Sean invited a group of his friends and ours to help with the construction over two weeks. He and his boyfriend Will came first and then Scott Silverstein. Will stayed for a week and Scott for the weekend. The five of us accomplished a lot as you can see from these pictures. We also of course hiked, swam and not last in importance, ate. Next week, a roof and siding!
Podge had several loads of lumber to haul in

Scott and Podge Sirjane

Will and Sean join the construction crew,
after changing clothes of course

Will works on the narrow bridge

While Sean and Scott S. shingle the wider one

Sean did a lot of digging to position the cement blocks
that supported the sills

The first few days were spent bringing in the
materials - this is the new generator.
Sean checks the level on the sills, supported by the concrete

Scott S., Will, Sean and Scott G. in back sit on the
completed foundation.

Sean fixes the ingredients for Thai spring rolls

Scott S. and Scott G. fix some dinner
Heather and Sean screw in the joist hangers

After the joists are measured, cut and fit into place, we
lay the floor boards

Posts up and braced

Scott nails down the posts while Sean
checks that they are straight

Hoisting the roof beams was a tough job!

The week finished up with measuring, cutting and
nailing in the roof beams. Not bad for one week's work!

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