Friday, May 06, 2011

Nippers, Great Guana Cay, Bahamas - Our favorite bar!

Heather, Scott and Peter cooling off

Julie, Heather, Scott and Peter chow down

Looking up at Nippers from the beach

Peter caught us from the front and the back

A few of the beautiful young people for a change

The pool at Grabba's where we left our dinghy
For over 15 years Nippers has been providing non stop fun from 7 AM until whenever the last person leaves, 364 days a year (I'm assuming the one day off is Christmas) and we can personally attest to the fun! This was our third trip to the Abacos and dreams of Nippers helped to get us there.
So why is it so great? First there is the location. To get there you walk from the sound side of the island and the quiet little village down a dirt road winding through a sun dappled grove of trees. Surprise - a colorful playful tractor peeks out from the bushes. A tantalizing waft of Jimmy Buffet beckons you on. Then the road rises up the sand dune and you get your first glimpse of colorful beach chairs and umbrellas by the pool. The lower pool of course, connected to the upper pool by a little waterfall. Come around the building and you are welcomed by the sight of the open bar, a parade of bright colored stools overlooking a fabulous long white beach topped with turquoise water. Oh my God...yes, it's a little bit of heaven.
Now it's still early so you have time to stake out some lounge chairs for the day (and evening). We prefer those by the lower pool as the music is just at the right decimal level there for talking. Then it's into said pool and the hammock chairs hanging by the bar there. Close your eyes and rock slowly with your legs in the water and your face up to the sun. YES...Did I mention the Goombay Smash already in your hand.
Get the picture?
After lounging for a time, you head for the beach and fun diving through the waves. Perhaps a walk either direction to get your appetite up for the PIG ROAST. Yes, it's Sunday and in just a while you'll stand in line for roast pig, gravy, macaroni and cheese, peas and rice, cole slaw, salad, pudding etc. Lots of people have arrived but there is room for everyone. Let's sit up on the top deck under an umbrella. A waitress brings some cold beers while you eat.
Later as the afternoon rushes by (much too fast), everyone starts to dance - or watch the dancers.
Scott and I are having too much fun to leave but Peter and Julie need to return to Marsh Harbor on the ferry. Their friends Diane and Graham are flying in soon.
We meet several groups of people and later move with them down to Grabber's for more dancing and a dip in their pool. We feel young and care free. It's a nice feeling.
 So that's why Nipper's is our favorite bar! Comprendez?

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