Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated here too. The restaurants are crowded with families out for lunch or dinner. We mothers generally get the day off from cooking. Scott made a terrific breakfast to get the day started.
My youngest son Sean sent a beautiful email and then I spoke to he, James and Josh's family over Skype. We left a message with Zoe but weren't able to talk to her.

Our good friends Bob and Barbara flew back to Bonaire after two weeks celebrating Barbara's mothers 90th birthday on Saturday and we joined them for a brunch on Sunday at Roomer's Resort and Restaurant. It was an all you can eat buffet of local specialties and fantastic.

My favorite was a casserole of baccala, dried salt cod, with veggies and potatoes and a custard like base to hold it together. Other favorites were corn fritters, goat stew and macaroni & cheese. There was a local senior band with a south american beat. Bob and Barbara got a round of applause for a solo number.

We really miss seeing our children and grandchildren. Happily two neighbors came over to visit and reminded us how much fun kids can be. Brawny and Adam sailed from Sydney, Australia on their comparitively small boat with Jack (6) and Amy (4). We met at the Happy Hour and invited them over. I set up a painting table with watercolors and colored pencils. They are both really great creative and Jack left us fun picture to hang up!

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Kathleen/Roland said...

Hi, you two. Good to see you're still out and about and enjoying life. We're in Grenada, Casa del Mar joined us for a few days here. We're headed to Trini and then back to the States for about 6 weeks. Take good care and please stay in touch. Love, Kathleen and Roland website: www.freewebs.com/sv-mladykathleen