Thursday, April 16, 2009

Windsurfing Camp in Bonaire

Not long after we tied up to the mooring Stan on "Inner Wisdom" easily convinced Scott to join him for a week long windsurfing camp at Lac Bay on the other side of Bonaire. This beautiful lagoon is only 2 - 4 feet deep, perfect for windsurfing and people come from all over the world to do so! Internationally ranked windsurfers served as trainers - they run these camps in several spots around the world.

Stan had rented a car and windsurfed almost every day. Scott had only tried this three times before so he was a little nervous - all day for five days! He was in fact the least experienced but they divided the group into three levels. Maggie and I went over several days to lay on the beach and watch. That's Stan and Maggie above.
Several small restaurants line the beach. Scott's day started out with on land training, then two hours on the water in the morning and afternoon, with video taping and analyzing last. It was exhausting for him but very rewarding. He has learned to land start, water start and jib!

Sounds a bit like Women's Alpine Adventures at Okemo doesn't it? Why didn't I go you may be asking? For one thing this sport has never interested me that much. I hadn't ever been on a board.

And I'd have missed my mornings at the gym. Yep! We joined a great exercise club here and I went five days a week while we were in Bonaire. Barbara has been teaching me a yoga and exercise routine and I attended step aerobics and body balance classes. Hilary, Tony, Jackie, Mel, Bob and Scott, when he wasn't windsurfing, joined us.

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