Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heather's Birthday and yet another repair job!

Another year has rolled around and my birthday celebration was another great one. Hans and Suzanne from "Nautibear" had us over for a dinner on their beautiful Nauticat 42 in the "Swimming Pool" anchorage in the western Holandes Cays. There was fish curry, chocolate cake and champagne. Scott gave me an IPOD! That morning we did yoga on the beach for two hours with Suzanne leading us. They all sang "Happy Birthday" as well. What a terrific day.

Scott has been working for days on our water maker. It came with the boat but has never worked. We really didn't need it before now as water was always available. Here in the San Blas however this isn't true so we were hoping to fix it.
Scott is a big man and even though our boat is bigger than most, the machinery is always in small cramped locations. The water maker was no exception. I took this series of pictures to show you how difficult it could be. Unfortunately it still isn't as he needs to replace some hoses and didn't have them on board!

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