Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back to "Scott Free" in Cartagena, Columbia

We flew from Boston to Panama City and were supposed to stay there two nights and see some of the area. Unfortunately a snow storm canceled our flight and we left the next day. Our hotel was too far out of the city centre so we just spent the night and flew on to Cartagena the next day. "Scott Free" was waiting for us at Club Nautico Marina. We had installed the winter canvas cover over the

entire top so it was a job getting that off and folding it up. The decks were a mess, covered with dirt blown in under the edges, but it was surprisingly clean down below. Of course we had as usual four huge bags stuffed with things so unpacking was a long chore. This time two of the bags were repacked with all the clothes and gear for our two months in Peru and put in the V-berth until we leave May 1.
Club Nautico is a bit run down in places but they keep it brightly painted. Here's a shot of the front and another of some painters working on a mural on the side.
The 58th Annual Cartagena Film Festival is this week and it's a big event. Hundreds of films are being shown and seminars on every film subject are scheduled throughout the city. We went down to the office to get schedules and see what's playing.
This year their special guest nation is France and many current French movies are being shown, along with a retrospective of Francois Truffaut.
Cruiser friends of ours on Panacea, Rick and Sue, had met some of the organizers of the festival and they invited us to several events. One night they came over for drinks and then we watched movies on a screen in Plaza Trinidad. Every night during the festival they showed films under the stars in four different plazas throughout the city. We saw a very clever cartoon that needed no translations first. An old women tries to buy cat food for a reasonable price at a frightening futuristic super supermarket.
She gets thrown in jail and manages to escape using some great lock picks. Next was a short atmospheric film featuring nuns, archeologists and we think, vampires. Last was a surprise - John Sayles 1984 film "A Brother from Another Planet"! Afterwards we had dinner at a good Columbian restaurant "Cuchina del Soccorro" until the private party at Club Havana opened. We were one of the chosen few let in and the place was rocking. The cuban band was excellent and the free mojitos flowing. A guest performer from Hawaii, Tony, performed with the band. We don't stay up past midnight very often, but this was worth it!

Two nights later Rick and Sue gave a party for Tony on board their Cheoy Lee 48anchored in the harbor. Columbian friends George, Luna and Mimi came, along with a Italian journalist living in California, Alfredo. Two other cruiser couples came - Natalia and Luis on "Vagamunco" and Alan and Fiona on "Seabisket". There was a lovely spread of food and Tony gave us a concert. What a terrific time.
That's Rick, Sue and Tony at the top with a shot of Tony performing. Then Natalia and Luis next, followed by myself and Fiona. Lastly are Alan & Fiona and Luna & Mimi.

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