Saturday, May 27, 2006

Les Saintes


The anchorage at Basse Terre, Guadeloupe was really rolly so we decided to press on to Les Saintes. This beautiful group of small islands are off the south end of the Guadeloupe, just to the west of Marie Galante, another lovely smaller island. We arrived with Dreamtime and anchored off Ilet a Cabrit, a small uninhabited island not far from the main village. The next morning we explored the town and it is one of the prettiest we'd seen so far. Scott and I walked over the center of the island to Baie de Pompierre, the beach and park on the other side. This lovely long white beach enclosed a beautiful small harbor with just one boat in it. The entrance looked tricky so we could see why it was alone.On the way back we had a wonderful lunch at a small french restaurant surrounded by pastures. The next day Ed and Linda from Dreamtime and ourselves explored our uninhabited little island. Old Ft. Josephine crowned the hill and the views of the island we fabulous. We landed our dinghy at a small dock with a goat waiting for us (see him below right). I was the first one out; the goat looked at me expectently. I hadn't a clue! He backed up and ran at me - butted me in the stomach. It hurt! I yelled for help and turned to the dinghy - to find the other three people in paroxims of laughter. The goat got in the third butt before help arrived.
We think that he has come to expect food from anyone landing there. Unfortunately we weren't warned. Scott and Ed shooed him off and we climbed to the top of the hill. There was a race going on through the islands and just as we reached the top, they let out their spinakers. What a beautiful sight! Hundreds of colorful sailboats line the beaches in these islands.

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