Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Just a reminder that these photos can be better seen by clicking on the image and enlarging it!
We left the next morning at 6 AM and again had a lovely sail - not as rough but plenty of wind down to Tyrell Bay in Carriacou. We're really moving now and skipping some incredible cruising territory - the Grenadines, including the Tobago Cays, which we will enjoy next November. We had decided to spend some time here and get some boat chores done and just relax. Another wave was on it's way bringing more squalls and this is a very protected spot. Old and new friends were there in the harbor too so we had lots of socializing over the next week. Scott bought oysters from a fellow and enjoyed them so much that he made it a daily ritual! Above you can see them and the oysters ready to consume.

The main reason for the longer stay though was really to get Scuba PADI certifications. We went in and spoke to Connie and Georg at Arawak Divers the next morning. It would take four days but unfortunately my high blood pressure prevented me from taking the course until I could speak to my doctor and get a letter. Scott however had a wonderful and hard-working four days and finished off the last day with two dives in a row. He saw turtles, manta rays and most unusual - a yellow sea horse. It curled it's tail around his finger! And of course he saw lots of fish, coral, underwater canyons etc. I went along and snorkeled - and saw my first shark (and if it were up to me, my last).

We did a lot of walking on the island. One day we went to Paradise Beach, which we had to ourselves, brought a picnic and swam. Ten of us also hired a very nice
guide, Philip, and he drove us all over the island. The views from the hill overlooking the east side of the island was spectacular.
We also visited the boat building town Windward. There I had an interesting chat with a local man and his huge machete (I'm sorry it's not visable in the picture of him below!) One day and night we hunkered down in the boat (Scott did go out for his scuba lessons) while it poured and blew. Luckily we have lots of good books on board.
We arrived on Carriacou on June 9 and left June 15 at 7 AM with "Nereia", "Casa del Mar", and "M'Lady Kathleen". The seas had calmed down and so had the wind: it was a motor sail down through a group of little islands to the south end of Grenada at Prickley Bay. Here we anchored off yet one more lovely beach and had the small bluefish Scott had caught on the trip for lunch.

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