Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Green Turtle Key then through the "Whale"

We managed to anchor safely in White Bay, Green Turtle Key and it was lucky as a squall soon arrived in the middle of the next day that tested everyones' holding. Winds into the 40's howled through the anchorage and a few other boats began to drag. Luckily not in our direction. We turned the engine on and stood at the wheel ready to respond.

Later we met a number of cruisers in the Bay; Peter & Leslie, Bob, and Karen & Greg. But it was Doug and Sandy Cox on their Grand Banks "Interlude" that we clicked with right away. That's them with us at the top and their boat at anchor on the left.
The next few days the weather improved and we walked all over this island. This section of the Bahamas is called the Abacos. It was originally settled by indians mostly wiped out by early Spanish explorers, used by Pirates and finally settled by Loyalists fleeing from American Revolution. They brought slaves with them and tried to duplicate their plantations, but the soil and lack of rain ended that. The races are mixed and seem to get along quite well in this area of the Bahamas. Further south there are keys that are "white only", still to this day.
There was a school fair we enjoyed one afternoon with food and entertainment for the children. The library is charming and tiny, run by volunteers and had a nice book exchange.The houses look like cottages and have Victorian trimmings. They are in all the pastel shades and surrounded by small but pretty gardens. We found the grave yards interesting and very picturesque. There aren't a lot of last names here. Everyone must be fairly closely related!
After five lovely days we moved on with "Interlude" through the Whale Cay Cut on a light wind day. This is a difficult passage in any poor conditions and often strands people on one side or the other for days.

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