Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hiking on Guanaja, Honduras

This beautiful schooner anchored off the Bight and one
early morning raised their sails and took our breath away
We did four hikes on Guanaja. The first three we followed Dave and Ellen on Cordelia who had spent some time here three years ago. They were all on the south coast starting near The Bight. Our first one was covered in the previous post. The second started at the closed resort on the southeast corner of the anchorage and went up the east coast. The next one started on the shore just west of our anchorage and went along the coast down to the mainland section of Bonacca.
While in Bonacca we met Giovanni and really liked him. We hired him for the day to bring us over to the north coast and hike up to two waterfalls. The trip took us through the canal which joins the south and north coasts of Guanaja and then north past Michael's Rock to Bush's Island Home. This is a beautiful spot and we had an excellent lunch there. The waterfalls were really impressive, the hikes interesting and it was a marvelous day. Giovanni brought along his 6 year old neighbor Jovan and he was great fun. We LOVE Guanaja!

Looking east down the south coast 

The wooded trail was a delight in the heat

But then we don't mind some time in the
sun on the lovely beaches

Part of our walk took us through a hotel/condo development
that may actually open (again)

The Manatee Restaurant had it's baking day during our
weekly Mexican Train Dominos game

Our buddy boats for this trip; Deborah and Jerry on CzechNMate and Ellen and Dave on Cordelia

Baking is done outside in a wood fired oven

A lime cheesecake looks tempting

A family of 5 (daughter above) live with Annette and Horst
and together they run the restaurant

Our second hike took us down the coast going west
through a more developed section of shrimp boats and

Christopher Columbus called this the Isle of Pines but
many of these beautiful trees were lost in hurricanes

A series of increasingly difficult crossings challenged us

Next challange

The third one 

This was the hardest

Especially carrying Thesbe, Dave and Ellen's dog

That's Bonacca off in the distance

The path took us along the side of the hill with lovely

The "suburb" of Bonacca on the mainland of Guanaja -
still no cars

Many of the houses are built on stilts over the water. I
loved this green couch on the raft

Both these towns reminded me of Lake Town in Tolkein's
The Hobbitt

A good view of the settlement

The main street

There are even street signs

That are very descriptive

Our last hikes were on the north side of the island. We
hired Giovanni for the day long trip.
Lunch was at Bush's Island Home - a lovely place built
on stilts over the water
This is the beach looking west
And then east
Our first hike took about 1 and 1/2 hours going up, shorter
coming down and was very rugged, climbing over the
rocks and crossing back and forth over the stream
Much of the time was in the stream itself and once we got
over trying to keep our sneakers dry we were fine.
The waterfall was worth the scramble for sure and the water was perfect.
Giovanni got right in the center
Scott and I cooling off
Our second waterfall with Deborah 
Group shot including Jovan
Jovan was a delight to have with us on the trip. He spoke
perfect English as well as Spanish

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